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Soil and plant treatment
Redifining growth and productivity throuh innovations
Help Improve soil fertility levels with Quick-Sol
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Quick-Sol is a Unique Product

Help to protect Plants

The effect on plant resistance is accreditedto the accumulation of absorbed silicon in the epidermal plant tissue.
These accumulations are essential, helping to protectand strengthen the plant and control numerous diseases.

Irrigation and Water Management

As we well know the water reserves in the world are diminishing fast.
The main consumer of fresh portable water is agriculture. With this marvelous product, we can save upto 30% of the
water supply ussage in agriculture without affecting the quality and productivity in the industry. This is accomplished
by increasing the soil water retention capacity, optimization of the soil structure and increasing plant drought

Reduce Plant Stress

Soil salinity, drought and extreme temperatures exist in many areas around the world . Quick-Sol helps to reduce
stress caused by these problems by improving plant photosynthesis, enzyme and microbial activity, creating more
efficient root system and cell wall strenght.

Superior Productivity and Quality

Quick-Sol is the tool that will allow you to produce higher quality agricultural products that bring a higher price at the
market. It will help to increase your productivity by its use. It has been proven that Quick-Sol will increase your
harvest up to 30%. Quick-Sol also benefits the ornamental and tree producers by providing a superior final product
that reaches the market in a shorter period of time.

Revitalizing Depleted Soils

Quick-Sol is an excellent choice for soil revitalization programs. Dead or depleted soil lack the ability to support the
microorganisms necessary for the plant to make use of the results either left in the soil or induced into the soil, such
as fertilizer, minerals, organi materials, etc. With Quick-Sol, your fertilizer will work more effectively and effeciently
due to increase in ion exchange capacity generated by the application of Quick-Sol.

Quick-Sol shrinks the clays, allowing a better aeration. These physical and chemical changes indicated above will
generate an increase of the biological activity creating the perfect enviroment for the optimization of the results.

Enhances the results when used with natural compounds such as manure, bone meal, fish meal, guano, etc.
Quick-Sol is sold in the United States and others countries of the world with great success.

Quick-Sol helps to:

- Imporve soil fertility levels and fight soil degradation
- Protect plants against diseases, insects and fungi attacks.
- Aid in irrigation and water management practices.
- Provide protection against salinity, drought and extreme temperature stress.
- Ensure superior productivity and quality that will bring in higher prices for your    
agricultural products.

Quick-Sol, a Sure Path

Effect on Soil Fertility
Quick-Sol is a source of monosilicic, humic and fulvic acids, which aids in the control of
numerous soil conditions such as pH, nutrient mobility, heavy metal
and aluminium toxicity, soil absorption capacity, and ion exchange capabilities. It
stimulates soil microbial helath and activity. The application of Quick-Sol will help
to restore the agricultural ecosystem, improve poor soil conditions and reverse soil